Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Real Thoughts

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing with you 10 things that go through my mind. Please feel free to comment or share 10 of your most frequent thoughts. Enjoy! 

1. I am newly 23 so, I have been wondering what 24 will look like?

2. Since I am single, I ask myself "where is this guy?" 

3. I really want to try to bake really complicated deserts... Not cupcakes or cookies, I'm talking 3 layer cake or like an awesome lemon meringue pie (I've been watching Master Chef) and I wonder if I would be good at it? 

4. As my ministry grows, I often wonder whats next? There is so much to Jesus, He has so much more than we can even imagine! And I cant help but think about the amazing things that HE has for me! 

5. Not that I want kids now... but I often wonder what kind of mom I will be. I feel like I would be the disciplinarian and whoever my husband is will be the lenient one... but its hard to tell because I have a hard time disciplining adorable children!! (just a random thought)

6. I need a new hair style! I'm getting tired of the same look... How do I try new hair styles? I'm not very good at fancy stuff... so I'm not sure what to do... LOL any help?

7. Will this winter be a crazy one? or mild? Personally, I pray that its a crazy one! I absolutely LOVE winter! I LOVE snow! I LOVE the cold! 

8. Ireland is my most desired place to go! I often wonder if that trip is in my future... I really hope it is! 

9. What do I want for Christmas? Even though everyone in my family is grown... We still do Christmas list! We have Christmas traditions that will never change and Christmas list are one of them... but as you get older, its harder to think of things that you want!! Maybe shoes... hmmmm. 

10. I have a question for you all... Are you doing all that you can to live completely for Jesus? If not, look into your life and find the things that you need to change and get rid of. Change it and get rid of it and get closer to HIM! Now is not the time to contemplate what you want to do. Make a stand. Live for the one who Gave HIS life for us! Much love to you all! 


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  1. 1Lost my style.2Love myself but not consided.3getting older by the minute,25going on 26.4loving life to the fullest