Monday, August 12, 2013

"The Plan"

Master plan
When I was entering my twenty's (7 years ago), I had this mind set that everything will automatically, by itself, fall into place. For some reason I thought I would magically have the life that I wanted. My own place, a boyfriend, a car, lots and lots of money and of course a job that I wouldn't really have to work for. I felt like being 20 was this MAGIC age where all my dreams and wishes would come true. Little did I know that I would actually have to grow up, become responsible and be accountable for the choices that would make. I was the type of person that would be ok with just breezing my way through life; I was ok with doing the bare minimum.
When I was 21 or 22 I remember telling my family my "Plan". The plan was that I would  be married by the time I was 25, have 3-5 kids by the time I was 30, and be done. Ummmm.... no that didn't happen at all. I thought that maybe, just maybe I could some how control being married by 25 and have children. I would ask myself often, "How can I make this happen?" 25 was only 3-4 years away!! I can totally do this! Ill find a guy who has the same goals as me, kind of slip in my "plan" to him while we are talking and getting to know each other (because girls we all know that we tell the dudes our "plan" in a very stealthy cute way) and voila!! i'm married at 25 and i'm having kids. Here's the thing, my reality set in and none of that happened. One important thing I did not do was ask God if he was ok with this plan I had set out for my life. Sadly enough I was upset when God didn't listen to the plan I had for me. In the midst of me trying to make all these things happen, I was forgetting who sets my life up. It says in Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) says,  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. There it is! God plans to give me hope and a future?!! how fantastic.  Because God is so awesome and patient with us, he allows us to seek things for ourselves so we can lean on him. I can't lean on my own understanding for one second because it only leads to disappointment. Although my "plan" didn't come true, my trust in God grew and I knew that he had something greater planned for me than what I could ever imagine.
With all that being said, I want to know what your "Plans" were when you entered your twenty's. Did something amazing happen to you? What did you realize? Or what have you realized so far?
I would love to hear from you and remember sharing is caring!! So let your friends know about this blog!
God Bless!

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