Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Hey! I’m 20 Something.

So I’m 23. I’m at the lower end of the 20 something spectrum… So, I know 3 years worth of “20 SOMETHING year old wisdom”

               Now, I could just be talking about myself… but as a 23 year old, I am awkward, I have the weirdest thought process, and I like laughing… like A LOT! OH! And I’m SINGLE! That's the word of the century! Everyone seems to be single! All the 20 somethings are single… and the Men are just standing around clueless! I just want to scream at them and say “HELLO, I"M BEAUTIFUL  AND SINGLE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!??”  I know that its not just me who feels this way!! RIGHT!!??
But then again, I don't just want any guy... I want THE guy. The guy who is perfect FOR ME. The guy who LOVES GOD more than he loves anything else. The guy who falls in love with all the weird things about me. The guy who accepts who I am... ALL of who I am. He is out there... I have to be honest, it seems like he is NEVER GOING TO COME... But I have to have faith. I know he is coming. 

Meanwhile, I am living my life the best way that I can. I' m getting to know myself and getting to know my Creator more and more. I'm allowing God to change me so that I can be the best OLIVIA for my future life. Lets not focus on the things that we don't have, lets focus on the things that we do have like, Family, Friends, Love, Jesus, Happiness etc. Live for today... don't have to regret the past in your future! BE YOURSELF! DON'T LET ANYONE CHANGE YOU EXCEPT FOR JESUS!  

                AND PLEASE BE CONFIDENT!!  BE CONFIDENT with your looks and body types! Accept who you are, embrace it and move on! Be comfortable saying that your beautiful!  (I’m also talking to myself) I can be honest, its hard to let go of things like insecurities and fear… but its time! Let Go!! Let Go and be 20 Something!! THE BEST 20 SOMETHING YOU CAN BE! 

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